3LBrand is a team with international and innovative ideas and also a leading creative design company in China. We collaborate with global enterprises to create influential brands, internationalized images, services and experiences and boost its commercial success. We are dedicated to promote Chinese design to the world and our service and research fields include design and national image, design and city brand, design and commercial utility, design and culture innovation.

Our Work / 我们的工作

We adopt the core strategy and humanistic care to create brand system, dedicate to brand positioning, brand strategy planning and brand core culture sorting and construction, innovate in brand core visual planning and designing and also the brand all-dimensional contact point so as to construct creativity synthesis of values for customers.
  • ● 品牌核心策略 Brand Core Value
  • ● 品牌定位战略 Brand Positioning Strategy
  • ● 视觉形象设计 Visual Identity Design
  • ● 宣传推广设计 Campaign Design
  • ● 包装创意设计 Package Design
  • ● 终端体验设计 Terminal Experience Design
  • ● 环境空间图形 Environmental Graphics
  • ● 导示系统设计 Sign System Design

How We Work / 我们如何工作

We cooperate together with various brands in different industries and leading pioneers to jointly cope with market opportunities and challenges and provide creative services and comprehensive solutions. Project analysis – Market analysis – Brand clarification – Relevance positioning – Brand essence – Output big idea and core culture construction – Visual system planning and design – Packaging promotion and design – Brand assets consultancy and management
  • ● 进行研究 Research
  • ● 阐明策略 Strategy Statement
  • ● 设计品牌识别 Brand Identity Design
  • ● 建立接触点 Create Touchpoint
  • ● 管理资产 Brand Identity Management